by Grief & Bliss

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Thomas Tregenza
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Thomas Tregenza Very underrated and overlooked project. The atmosphere of it is very beautiful yet at the same time very melancholic. This release features no growls or screams like his previous release and features nothing but clean vocals, which really makes the beauty and melancholy more of a 50/50 balance. I personally like it more this way. The musicianship and production was upped a lot as well as the lyrics. This EP is one of, if not my favorite release this year. Favorite track: Still Waiting.
Bill Bauer
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Bill Bauer A soundtrack to the melancholic soul; the emptiness, longing, apathy, and isolation of its lyrics only prolongs the pleasure of listening to such a masterpiece. Favorite track: When It Rains It Pours.
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Written throughout 2014-2016, these songs were inspired by existence and the highs/lows associated with it.


released September 12, 2016

all music written/recorded/mixed by Chris Greene
image used for album artwork was taken by the artist
logo design by Danielle Masek



all rights reserved


Grief & Bliss

Grief & Bliss :

melancholic post-black metal from Southern California, USA

Formerly known as "Grief"

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Track Name: A Passing Moment
When there is nothing left behind
I'll hope to feel like I did on those days with you
The sun would always shine

The skyline brings a feeling
Pale light, fading sun
Wondering what will be better
If I'm gone

I promise I have tried my best
But it's not enough
I'm fucking up everything again
I'm letting go tonight
Track Name: Still Waiting
Letting go is all you know
Why would you hold on?
Searches are useless
Tonight will bring nothing

Now the streetlights are guiding you away
Away from here

Still waiting for nothing
Track Name: When It Rains It Pours
I am looking past the clouds in the sky
And there's no end in sight
Trying to see past this despondency
I'm wandering from everything

Losing hope, feeling numb and pale
It won't end - just like the stars, floating far
Misperceived this apathetic world
Should've known that when it rains it pours

Just like the ocean's waves (it won't let up)
I'm waiting for another day

Tonight I am sinking beneath the reach of all light
Track Name: The Stars Also Die
Of all of the things I know
One thing shows
How useless it is
To want more

Now it's clear -
All rivers have an end
Watch the flow

Silencing white noise to see through

Burning all of my ties
To love and to light
And as I fade away,
Just a name.. just a name

When it's cold inside
I'll remember the stars also die

Who would even know I've been dead forever?
It's never in sight - past the sky

Don't be sad now that I have gone
To another place
It hurts to stay